Monday, April 14, 2014

Feeling Frustrated

"That's construction, dear", my patient husband reminds me as I sit steaming with frustration over two weeks of no workers showing up at the lake house. The weather is beautiful! Why isn't our project important enough to put someone else off for? Didn't we contract early enough? Didn't our contractor get on vendor schedules early enough? I don't know. All I know, is that the finish carpenters won't be here until Thursday. Nothing happened all last week, except what Larry is doing in the laundry room. The tile guy is back to do some fine-tuning, finish work today, but that's it!

I am not patient. That's it. I just am not! So, I emailed the GC last Friday. Of course, I have received no reply. I expect he'll avoid me and talk directly with Larry. I reminded him once again that airplane tickets have been purchased for guest arrivals for a party planned on May 24th! I told him I'd need two weeks to move back in. I could accomplish this in a week, but I need to put pressure on. I asked if this was going to be a problem. I need a functioning house by mid-May. That's it! There is no room for two weeks with nothing happening. I hate this. Thanks for listening.

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