Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reacquainting with The Lake

I am so happy to be back at our lake house on Lake Murray in South Carolina. I keep forgetting how beautiful it is here; so remote, quiet and calm...peaceful. The full moon is working its magic on my mood and my dreams. I am exercising every day so far, and had a very interesting dream this morning.

In my dream, a mentor told me to trust the process and have faith that all will be well with me and in my life. The entire first part of the dream was about not being accepted by literal beauty pageant candidates because I am fatter than they are and do not conform to the "hair and makeup; fashion" contingent. I was feeling bad about myself as a result. Then I packed a bag to get ready for an event, when the bag "activated" upon closing; a motor switched on and lights lit. I grabbed the handle and it lifted me up and into the sky. It took me far away to a lovely land where I met a mentor. This spiritual and life mentor challenged me to sing my "Song" in support of my candidacy as leader of the Fei. I watch a SciFi Channel television show called "Lost Girl", and the Fei have special powers. The Fei mentioned in my dream was more spiritual in nature, but powers would be granted if I succeeded. I awoke singing the song as challenged, feeling confident I would win. She smiled at me knowing I would win too. It was a good feeling.

The water temperature in our lake is wonderful. It's hot here right now: low to upper 90's and sometimes into the 100's with high humidity. I thought the water would be hot too, but it's more like lukewarm bath water. Cooler than I expected and lovely to swim in. I am swimming more than usual because I keep hearing the words of my Rhode Island personal trainer, Eric, in my head: ramp up your cadio! My weight is out of control, and I am getting better, but still not great with controlling what I eat and how much I drink. Being on vacation doesn't help that process either. But I figure if I exercise every day, it'll help to stabilize my weight increases, and maybe help me to eat less sugar and drink less alcohol. Hopefully. Anyway, every day is a do-over for me. I feel better about myself as a result. Doesn't that count for something?

I didn't want to come back to the lake because I love our home in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and didn't want to experience extreme heat and humdity.. Now that I am back here, once again, I realize how much I do love the lake house, and the temps aren't much different than up north.  The pups, Jackson and Mattie Grace, really love it here because they get to go outside unsupervised and they love to swim! It's calmer swimming in the lake than in the ocean, so they are more likely to venture into the water on there own. I've begun taking them for rides in our paddle boat, and they really enjoy it as much as the pontoon. I guess it's all about togetherness for them.

We've only been here a few days, but we are already relaxed and settling into lake life in the rural country. I am so blessed and grateful.