Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back in the North Homeland

We had a pretty uneventful road trip north and have spent the last two weeks catching up with homes, family and friends. Tomorrow is Boston Marathon race day, and we've been invited to a couple of friends' houses. We spent the weekend at our home in Tiverton, Rhode island, and will head to another home in Upton, MA tonight. We put the Upton house and our old home in Lexington, MA on the market. We pray they both sell this spring. Our hope was to get enough money from these sales to help with renovations on "The Lakehouse", but with the market like it is, we'll be lucky to break even.

There is an open house in Lexington today at which we hope to get an offer we can work with. In Upton, we're having trouble with the key we left for the realtor. There was a showing with enthusiastic interest yesterday, but the potential buyers could not get in the house. We'll fix that problem tonight, so they can come back tomorrow. Coming back is a good sign, yes?

We are also in the market for an environmentally-controlled off-site storage facility. When the Upton house does sell, we'll have to store some furniture and other things we have no room for right now. Once we do finish our renovations and build-out at "The Lake", we can bring some of the furniture down there. In the meantime, we can sell off what we were using in Upton, and save the rest for later.
I just feel tired all the time. So much to do and no energy to do it.

I think I'm just coming down from all the sadness in South Carolina, and somehow need to make time to rejuvenate my energy level. There is so much to do up here, and I fight feeling guilty every day I'm not doing the work required. I know I'll get over it, and tomorrow I'll call my acupuncturist for an appointment. Acupuncture always helps me. I just need a little boost.

We met our two Mini-Dachshund grand-dawgs twice now, and they are just adorable. They are only four months old, and training seems to be going well. Poor little Roscoe has what seems to be a permanently leaky pee-pee though. How can they get mad with such cute faces looking back at them with unconditional love. Our son turned forty-one last week, but we are not feeling old. That also has to be a good sign, right?

I am reading my bookclub selection, "A Novel Bookstore" by Laurence Cosse, and just received the last in my favorite fictional series by Jane Auel, "The Land of Painted Caves". I have been waiting for over a decade to find out what happens to Ayla, the powerful Cavewoman, who feels like me in another lifetime. I am fascinated by the herb lore in this series, and it feeds right into my "Medicine Woman" fantasy.

I remain hopeful that our lives will receive more balance when the two houses are sold, and we can finally settle into our retirement "snowbird" lifestyle. We still haven't figured out what that is for us yet. But, we're getting closer.