Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Synchronicity of the Dance

This is my second week alone at The Lakehouse. I drove over nine hundred miles in my Toyota Solara convertible to get cracking on selling our lovely paradise on Lake Murray. We just cannot afford to maintain two houses on the water anymore. Property taxes and many other expenses, including those of the Upton, Massachusetts house we seem to be permanent caretakers of, drain our retirement finances. Looking long-term down the road, I worry that we'll be eating out of dog food cans when we're eighty. I also want more freedom to vacation where we want instead of working on properties we own for our vacation. Enough already. It's time to reign in our generosity at providing for family in need and a free playground for other family and friends, and focus on providing for ourselves and our own future desires and pleasures. That's what I tell myself anyway.

Early spring has sprung here in South Carolina, and at the lake house in particular. Our Forsythia has bloomed, and today I found blooming Vinca vines. There was also another lovely tiny purple ground-cover flower that I'm sure is a weed, but is just preciously beautiful. Seeing these new blooms energized me to get raking and continue cleaning up the yard that we began almost a month ago. I am amazed that every year I once again get reminded about how satisfying raking and the immediate gratification of a clean-looking yard is.

But, before my work began, I took my coffee on the dock and meditated to the sound of all the birds that surround our place. After meditating, I began to read my Kindle while enjoying that first Cup O' Joe. Soon I was distracted by the frantic chaotic sound of birds, so I looked up. At the island closest to us, sea gulls were flocking and flying is crazy-looking circles over the water. Then I noticed ducks floating on the water, here one minute; gone the next. The gulls were diving and squawking loudly and I sat there mesmerized.

The swarm of birds on and above the shining water moved to the left and then I saw a large fish jump nearer to me. Very quickly the swarm of flying and swimming birds came near me and put on a feeding show that made me laugh. The gulls circled above and dove into the water while the Loons swam in a large circle together, disappearing under the water almost in unison. It looked like some strange form of contra dance with dips and circles; dives and fluttering wings. It was beautiful and magical. I wanted to dive in and join them.

 The synchronicity of their dance was harmonious and warmed my heart. It will be painful to lose this place.