Friday, March 28, 2014

Oops! What's hidden underground?

Work at the lake house is moving along. I emailed our general contract for schedules, and people started showing up the next day. Interesting. Us Yankees gotta nudge these "life in the slow lane" people along sometimes, right?

Painting is complete in the kitchen, laundry room and the sunroom. I wanted these rooms finished first because the kitchen cabinets are ready to be delivered on Monday, and the tile guy needs to begin. He has started tiling the laundry room today. I love the colors I chose and cannot wait until the rest is complete. Tammy, our painter, is finishing up the master bathroom, so the plumber can get in there next. I've asked her to get the living room done after that, so all the workers coming in and out won't be tripping over her ladders, buckets and brush handles. She's very nice, and is doing a great job.

Sun Room
The plumber showed up yesterday with a helper and a backhoe. He dug a long trench from the house to the pump house. A new water pipe and wiring was laid in the trench before covering it back up again. I feel sorry for Larry because in the course of digging the trench, sprinkler system pipes got broken as well as our internet cable. No more cameras to spy on workers. Because he's a plumber, he fixed the broken sprinker pipes before covering them back up. We'll wait to call Comporium, our internet provider, until we are ready for our packaged service to be installed.

Next, the backhoe dug a dry well for our washing machine. The septic on the laundry side of the house is limited, so running a drain for the washer somewhere else seemed prudent. Stone was layed in the trench into which the drain pipe was laid, and plastic covered the stones before it too was covered over with clay soil.

Larry hand-dug his own trench from the shed to where he thinks our new power pole will be installed, if MCEC (Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative) decides we can have one or need one. Our power comes from a pole in the neighbor's yard over the fence. Because our soil is hard clay and rock, hand digging is strenuous work! But, as usual, Larry did a great job, and laid the wiring pipe for power to the shed.

I was there yesterday to meet the painter and see the latest progress in person. I took pictures of the Azaleas beginning to bloom, the Red Bud trees and Pear tree blooms. Our Forsythias have gone past now, and spring continues here, even though the temperatures are at least ten to twenty degrees below normal for this time of year. I guess everywhere is being affected by the powerful winter that hit us this year. I'm just glad I'm not in freezing temps with snow threats. Enough of that for me, thank you.

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